While HazardHead maintains their roots entrenched in rock and roll, their experimentation and advancement of the blues

is symbolic of a band destined to spread their wings and take flight.


Their fresh, heavy grooves, complex arrangements, and aggressive, in-your-face assault, clearly sets HazardHead apart

from the rest of the pack.  Clearly, they refuse to remain grounded and type-cast as rebel-rouser rockers

"looking for nothing but a good time."  Make no mistake about it: HazardHead does tear it up and they certainly want to get you up and shaking what you got.


But these cats have lots of substance behind what they're doing.


Always innovative.  Never compromising.

100% all-in, all the time: that's HazardHead!






video by Jade Allen Cook




"Drug Money" live @ Token Lounge (Westland, MI) May 9, 2014

video by Lynnette & Randy Robinson of DetroitRockCityMusicTV